My friends have started a new band called Little Horn and I took some photos of them the other day. They’ve just released a few songs off their upcoming EP “Soothsayer” (the artwork was designed by Stella; the model I used in the Oyster shoot I posted about earlier!) which you can listen to here - ! Don’t forget to like them on Facebook to find out about upcoming shows/other news -

For fans of Dinosaur Jr, Husker Du & Yuck! Can’t wait to hear more. 

During the Big Day Out period in Sydney two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to befriend a photographer I have looked up to for a while, Shane McCauley. He basically lives my dream of touring all over the world with bands documenting their time away through imagery (he was in Australia with Diplo for BDO) and has produced one of my favourite photo books; 128 Beats Per Minute. One night when we went out, Diplo took my camera off me and shot the top photo of Shane, and then took a selfie… ha. 

Be sure to check his work out -